We have been involved in making short films for various clients, involving shooting, editing and post production work, filming on location and in sometimes challenging situations.

We have a limited range of professional equipment for small productions by way of full frame 4k camera bodies, GoPros, broadcast quality xlr audio mics and field recorders, various lenses, rigs, mounts, tripods and lighting equipment. We also use the latest Creative Cloud 2018 Adobe products and different post production software to overlay 3D Motion graphics, titles and grading etc. Get in touch for more info and to see if we can help with your project.
We have created multi-media presentation elements and animations for clients, whether for monitor screens at exhibitions, pitchside animations, Powerpoint presentations, flash or animated gif banner ads.
If you need any multi-media or animated graphic elements for your company, website, installations or event, why not drop us a line to discuss your requirements?

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