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Digital marketing campaigns are second nature to us, whether designing bespoke newsletter templates for your in-house platform, targeted campaigns or monthly newsletters we can help your business communicate more effectively.
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We were asked to design a wide range of custom-built email templates for different UMG International territories, responsive and tailored for their broadcast software.


We designed the templates to be fully customisable, allowing many layout and module options to suit the relevant campaign content of the territory.


All templates were designed to adapt to different screens and keep both form and function, whilst maintaining their good looks and impact!


Whether in Chinese, Thai or Swedish or adding social media or CTA options, the ease of use and versatility across campaigns was a key factor

Project Details

Client: Universal Music Group

Date: Since 2012

Campaign: Multiple

The designs had to be simple, fully customisable with multiple layout options, allowing the user to build and edit a template around their content with ease using their broadcast platform in the different territories worldwide.
We created multiple icon sets and other template elements, allowing for simple front end use and a fast build and broadcast turn around.


We have worked on a wide variety of campaigns for Universal since 2012 and continue our good working relationship today. Please see a few samples below.
Whilst some campaigns are custom built HTML designs, most newsletter templates are editable for frequent use with various different broadcast software.

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